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We are developing a line of frozen products to meet the needs of the market. 

This new line of products is characterized by its high-quality and usefulness in the market.


The products are frozen in a specific way to maintain the highest quality possible and when they are thawed, the characteristics of excellent texture and flavor will remain


For each product we have developed a particular recipe that brings together the necessary characteristics to obtain the best product that can be found in the market.


Our production is based on high flexibility with our flavors, sizes and decorations. 

We can vary according to market needs. 

Feel free to let us know what specific requirement(s) your company needs met. 


This new line was created with the main idea of supplying retail stores that need 

products with a high shelf-life and ready for consumption.  

In addition, we have created specific sizes that apply perfectly for catering events. Our experience in this area has helped us to understand the market, its needs, and perfectly select the products with the highest demand in different types of events. 

Check our two catalogs: 

Standard size products for

retails stores 

Mini size products for

catering events

This new product line will be ready by early 2023. 

If your company is interested, please, contact us for more information.

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